Let the chase begin...


Brenda Summers, a telepathic A&R rep from an indie record label struggles to be noticed under the shadow of her boss Freddy Cartwright, an ex-motocross champion with whom she is having a torrid workplace affair. Brenda gets her chance to make a name for herself when she stumbles onto a charismatic rock star named Modeus, who empowers her to take her career into her own hands. Against Freddy’s orders, Brenda courts Modeus to sign a contract but soon realizes the tables have turned as Modeus seduces her with unbridled passion and promises of a life fulfilled-everything she secretly wanted from Freddy. Meanwhile, a jealous Freddy surrenders to his true feelings for Brenda as he investigates Modeus’s background and uncovers an unbelievable truth…  Modeus is a powerful demon banished to Earth for carrying out unspeakable horrors and Brenda is caught in the crosshairs. Brenda hits bottom, torn between her feelings for a misunderstood demon that wants to make her his queen and her true love Freddy, who will stop at nothing to rescue the love of his life and kill the monster Modeus.



© 2020 DMK