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Septemer 12, 2016 review by NINA - Fabryka Music Magazine

2015 - Going Under Book Trailer Music Video for Condemned

Eldorado Valley in Nevada had many stories to tell that day. This was a special day in 114 degree heat. We had a small production team of four and spent six hours in and around a massive cave trying to capture the heart of Going Under. What we captured on video was indeed paranormal. Nothing like a hot day to bring the restless about. Special thanks to Mitch Rose, Aimee Fraser, Able and Catalina Ervin.  

What we caught on video that day...

First Paranormal Anomoly
Look closely at my torso and you will see energy in the shape of two eyes suddenly appear around me and then shoot down the cave. 
Second Paranormal Anamoly
Light anomalies appear in lower right hand corner, across my chest and across my throat. See if you can spot them.
Third Paranormal Anamoly
After editing the music video we realized there were a set of eyes peering back at us from the bottom of a cave. We've tried to debunk this as an animal or an anomaly of refracted light, but so far it is unexplained. See if you can catch the eyes staring back at you.